Whole Cotton Seed


Benefits of Feeding Whole Cottonseed

Whether you have a small, traditional dairy or a herd of 600+, cottonseed can fit in to your feeding program. Take a cue from these farmers who have fed cottonseed for decades.

Cottonseed is a hard ingredient to replace. It’s a palatable feed and brings fiber, energy and fat to the ration in one package. Learn why cottonseed is so beneficial.

Buying Cottonseed with Ease

Whether you prefer directly calling up your preferred supplier, or obtaining multiple quotes through the Cottonseed Marketplace, buying Cottonseed is a click or a phone call away.

How to Store Whole Cottonseed

The winner of a recent Cotton Incorporated video contest, Jenifer O. of Oxner Farms in Wisconsin shows how her family stores whole cottonseed year-round, protecting the feedstuff from the harsh Wisconsin elements.

This large Texas dairy demonstrates how they easily store 6,000 tons of whole cottonseed in a dedicated cottonseed shed.