Whole Cotton Seed

How to Store Cottonseed

How to Store Whole Cottonseed

A commodities shed is your best bet for storing whole cottonseed, but far from your only option.

Look to a vacant silo*, horizontal sealed silage bags or even bunker silos to store 9-12 months worth of whole cottonseed on your dairy.

Keeping whole cottonseed protected from moisture is a necessity. As with many other feedstuffs, whole cottonseed may have problems with micotoxins, developed in either the field or from poor storage conditions.

*reprinted with permission from Dairy Herd Management

Storage Solutions

The winner of a recent Cotton Incorporated video contest, Jenifer O. of Oxner Farms in Wisconsin shows how her family stores whole cottonseed year-round, protecting the feedstuff from the harsh Wisconsin elements.

This large Texas dairy demonstrates how they easily store 6,000 tons of whole cottonseed in a dedicated cottonseed shed.