Whole Cotton Seed

Getting Started

Getting Started With Cottonseed

Information on how to feed, store and so much more for both first-time and long-time users.

Will Cottonseed Work for Me?
Learn about feeding rates and view sample rations
Calculating the Value of Whole Cottonseed
Crunch the numbers for your individual dairy
How Much Should I Feed?
Feed 5-8 lbs per cow per day, depending on these important considerations
Can I Replace Whole Cottonseed?
Read why cottonseed is a unique triple-nutrient supplier that is difficult to mimic
How to Feed Whole Cottonseed
Get cottonseed into the ration via TMR, pre-mix or topdress
How to Store Whole Cottonseed
A commodity shed is ideal, but vacant silos and sealed silage bags also work great

Where there’s a will to feed whole cottonseed, there’s a way! Learn how to get whole cottonseed delivered to your farm.