Whole Cotton Seed

Origin & Transportation

Origin & Transportation

Whole cottonseed is a valuable end-product of cotton, grown throughout the South. About half the cotton crop is grown in Texas alone!

Historically, more than 50 percent of the whole cottonseed produced each year is sold specifically for livestock feed. As with corn, soybeans and other feedstuffs, traditional forces of supply and demand determine the price of whole cottonseed. Marketers include commodity dealers, brokers, feed dealers, truckers and others.

From the Cotton Belt to Your Farm

Whole cottonseed is transported from the Cotton Belt on box cars with rail delivery being the primary option to many of the Western and Upper Midwest markets. Barge transportation remains the most cost-effective method for moving whole cottonseed. Bucket loaders and live-bottom trucks deliver whole cottonseed to distributors and individual dairies.

Buyers of feed-grade whole cottonseed should deal only with reputable distributors and merchandisers who are experienced in the business of storing and handling whole cottonseed. Cotton Incorporated encourages buyers to seek out suppliers who are members of the National Cottonseed Products Association (NCPA) and/or the Cottonseed & Feed Association (CFA).