Whole Cotton Seed

About Whole Cottonseed

About Whole Cottonseed

Whole cottonseed is an excellent feed ingredient for cattle, especially lactating cows. The high level of energy (fat), protein, and effective fiber in whole cottonseed has the potential to increase milk production and butterfat when added to the ration.

A valuable end-product of cotton, whole cottonseed makes its journey from the Cotton Belt to the Dairy Belt primarily by way of truck, box car or barge on the Mississippi River following harvest. The nation’s cotton crop produces enough whole cottonseed to feed about 3-5 million dairy cows.

An Energy & Protein Source

The seed’s meaty kernel is the source of its energy and protein. Its fiber is found in the short, white, hair-like strands that remain on each seed following ginning.

These tiny linters are the reason Whole Cottonseed is often referred to as “fuzzy.” This fuzz is not residual cotton lint, but rather cellulose, a highly effective source of fiber.